How would I build my own trade desk?

Most agencies and brands I speak to who are committing more of their budgets towards programmatic have ambitions to one day have their own trade desk. Generally at the point we are having the conversation they are using one of a handful of 3rd parties to deliver their programmatic display as they haven’t yet reach the scale where they can justify doing it themselves. Though the desire is there.

How you actually go about building your own trade desk solution depends largely on the type of business you are and what your objectives are. Often the term “trade desk” is a rather grandiose way of saying you want to be able to do your own programmatic trading.

The technologies you need to be able to achieve this, and the staff you need to man it, will be dependant on the scale and channels you are considering. Luckily, that’s where I can help.

By assessing the programmatic activity you are looking to run the scale you are operating at, and the current technical capabilities you have. I can provide strategic advice on the best set up of both technology and staff needed to achieve your goals.

So whether you are an advertiser looking to bring your programmatic advertising in house, or an agency looking to add programmatic channels to your services, then I can provide expert insight into how best to achieve this.

Get in touch today and let’s discuss more about how I can help you