Developing an agency unique selling point

There are a lot of agencies out there, and especially digital agencies. Making your agency stand out from the crowd can be the difference between breaking away from the competition, and becoming an also ran.

Here is a little challenge for you. Go an visit the websites of your five nearest competitors. Make a note of how they describe themselves (Full service? Strategic? Leading?) Now look at the services they offer and make a note of those too.

Anonymise the data by removing the company names and don’t look at it for 72 hours.

When you come back to it try and identify which descriptions and services were used by which competitor. I would hazard a guess that it is not an easy task.

That’s because nearly all agencies (and again, specifically digital agencies) have no defining USP the can align with. They will all use vague adjective to describe themselves which means as little to them as it does to a prospect.

If you are going to avoid becoming one of the crowd you need to take a different position. Fine your unique selling point (USP), your unique positioning, or your unique set of services that make you different. Doing so will not only guide your business strategy, but it will help potential clients fully understand what makes you different to the rest and hopefully, why they should work with you.

I can help you with developing this USP and interpreting what it means for your business. Get in touch to discuss further and let’s make you stand out.