How to grow an agency

Growing an agency is hard. Breaking the barrier of 20 staff, and then taking it on to 50 staff is a journey of hard work, frustration, set backs and learning before you eventually reach your goal. It is a journey I have done myself a couple of times and one which I have learnt a lot from.

The early days of 5-15 staff are fun. Everybody knows each other intimately, the office atmosphere is fun, and everybody is generally having a good time. Move beyond this and to 20+ and you already have a different team dynamic which brings about new challenges.

North of this point and moving to 30 people and you now have a team with multiple management levels where the senior people can no longer be expected to oversee all of the output from their teams. So now you need processes, structures and systems which allow consistency in output and standards to be maintained.

Moving forward further to 40+ and the challenges become different still!

Having taken this journey a couple of times I am able to identify these challenges in advance and know what hurdles you are going to face along the way. I can also let you know the mistakes I have seen made (or made myself)  which will allow you avoid them as your agency grows.

If you are looking to grow your agency and want to avoid some of the common pitfalls, then get in touch and lets discuss how I can help.