How to Structure an Agency

As your agency grows, it will take many shapes and forms. Initially things will likely happen organically, with you bringing on new roles as the need arises. But at some point you will need to take a more strategic view on the structure of your agency and how best to deliver for your clients.

Most agencies start as a collection of practitioners, be they creatives, media buyers or campaign managers. But over time you will find these people begin to spend less and less time doing what they are good at, and more time doing other things such as client management or administration. The typical move at this point is to break teams out into specialisms, let them focus on what they do best. And this can work. But what you can find then is you get silos; people working in isolation and nobody taking overall ownership of a project.

The reality is there is no single way to structure an agency. It will very much depend on how you currently operate, the clients you deliver, your services, and the individuals you have on board. Get it right and you can transform into a well oiled machine, get it wrong and it can be catastrophic.

I can work with you to understand your business, your clients needs, and your reasons for restructuring. and then between us we can come up with the right structure to implement. Following through to delivery and monitoring of effectiveness. If you would like to discuss how this could work for you then get in touch and lets chat.