Programmatic Risks and How to Mitigate Them

What are the risks associated with programmatic advertising and how can you mitigate them? That’s what I am asked o a regular basis by my clients.

Once people understand the value of programmatic technology and advertising they are always keen to get involved. However constant scare stories in the press lead them to worry about potential pitfalls and risks they might encounter. The fact that so many providers are opaque and not forthcoming in their approaches doesn’t help either.

Having a consultant by your side who can guide you through the programmatic landscape and help you see the potential pitfalls before they arrive will prevent you from making costly or embarrassing mistakes. I can tell you what the programmatic providers won’t, without bias or incentive.

So whether its understanding viewability and implementing benchmarks, discussing margins or take rates, or knowing when “bid higher” isn’t the right answer I can be on hand to support.