Programmatic Training

Programmatic technology is changing the world of advertising. Far from being solely about display advertising, the fundamentals of how programmatic technology works is influencing every advertising medium available today.

I have developed a half day training session which takes attendees through the foundations of programmatic technology, the terminology, how it fits together, and how it is shaping the future of advertising.  It is an interactive session perfect for small groups and teams, with little requirement for prior knowledge.

Anybody who works in marketing or digital will find it the perfect start to understanding more about how programmatic technology works and how it is going to shape the future of what they do.

After a recent event in Manchester 100% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed that the session gave them a good introduction to programmatic technology and how it works.

The next available date for this training is March 9th in Leeds, further details and tickets are available here: Programmatic Foundations Training Leeds

To find out more about future training plans or how I can help your business then get in touch to discuss further.